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  • Scalable
    No matter how big your organization today  — LenoxSoft grows as you do.
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    LenoxSoft has everything you need to easily automate invoicing and quickly collect payments.


  • Our company oversees about 10,000 accounts across several different countries. LenoxSoft's billing module makes generating and distributing these invoices a breeze, no matter the currency.
    Monica Molewater
    MxLite Global
  • Thanks to detailed analysis from LenoxSoft, I’m able to better plan for my busy season and save for my slower months. I just needed someone to help me uncover the trends in my customer data. Now my small business can run more smoothly, year round!
    Dan Lightsmith
    Small Business Owner
  • I never even dreamed invoicing could be so easy! Thanks to LenoxSoft, I’ve been able to identify areas where I can automate my processes and save time.
    Elliot Couchman
    Personal User of LenoxSoft